About Us

The team at Allen Clark Construction are a multi discipline, multi trade and multi-talented crew.

We have everyone on board, from architects, designers, project managers, construction specialists and all the artisan tradesmen you need to take your build from idea, to finalized development.

All of our crew are in house and can be called on to bring their specialist knowledge to bear on any given project, at any time.

We might not be the cheapest in the business, but we are the best.

And any quote you get from us can be relied upon to be the truth.

Unlike some firms, we don’t suck you in with a tempting offer or a quote that is too good to be true and then dump the real costs on you at the end of the job.

We tell it like it is, right from the off and do our level best to be straight with you from the start.

Building your project begins with gaining your trust and that cannot be done by offering false promises from the word go.

As a reputable company, we do not expect full payment upfront, merely a small deposit initially.

Then, we sit down and discuss what instalments for the project will be made and when. We also discuss the payments for the materials, as well.

Before commencing work on any project, we try to get things as clear as possible, which is why we insist on putting everything in writing in advance of starting the job.

This makes things clear for everyone and gives you peace of mind about the project ahead. We establish all the ground rules and find out exactly what it is you want our team to do and then, crucially, also, how you want us to go about doing it.

Our company have been building homes and extensions, for fifteen years and there is no job we cannot handle!

For a quote you can trust contact us today!