Once a house is finally built – and the structure is complete – the hard work must begin.

And whether this is a newly constructed home or an extension that has just been built in your existing property, they both have one thing in common.


Because when the construction workers have left the building, it falls to the cleaning team – or sometimes, sadly, the home owner- to begin the big cleanup. Before we clean up a unit , especially there’s still a lot of dust, we use a large air purifier to finish the job.

Here’s how we, in the industry, get your home sparkling clean before we are satisfied it is ready to move into.


Before any construction has begun, our team (and hopefully any builder worth their salt) will have laid protective layers over fixtures and fittings, such as electrical units etc. This will give them protection from the inevitable dust that now covers everything.

You might also want to protect your own nose and mouth, because there is going to be a lot of dust. A lot!


Although sweeping dust is an exercise in futility – it simply shifts from one location to another and resettles – it might be necessary if there are larger pieces of debris in the mix.

For chunkier lumps of plaster and other mess, you may still want to give a room a preliminary sweep.

Because of the dust factor, we would point the broom in the direction of any open window, to give it a chance to leave the room.

Once you have finished, allow the dust to settle, before recommencing with further cleaning.


Of course, the dust does not stop at floor level.

Look up and around at the ceiling and the walls of the room – most likely, they are coated in dust too.

Our professional team simply use a damp cloth to run along the walls and ceiling, to gather this excess dust.

Sometimes, we might use bleach water (two caps of bleach to half a gallon of water) to do this – but take care if the surface has been painted recently.

Also, ensure any dripping buckets are carefully placed on newspaper if going straight onto a hardwood flooring.


Now, vacuum like you have never vacuumed before!

Every corner, crevice and angle possible needs to be cleaned.

We advise using a powerful vacuum with HEPA filters are the best.

At regular intervals, check and clean the filter as well as empty the vacuum bag or unit. We advise at least two cleans.

Don’t forget the interiors of drawers, cupboards, windowsills and so on.

You need to vacuum everything.


Only once you have done a minimum of two vacuums should you break out the mop and bucket.

All the surface areas need mopping and we recommend several good mops before you are satisfied.


Finally, give the place a good airing.

This means a combination of two things – an open window and add an air purifier to the room. .

We know that opening the window does not always make the air any fresher.

A lot of our construction projects are in polluted zones and so our team always undertake this important final step;

If the unit is still fairly dusty, use a portable air purifier to purify the air in each room fully, before allowing it to be used.

Of course, when you hire Allen Clark Construction to do your job, we do all the cleaning needed prior to you moving in!!