What We Offer To Our Customers

The management team at Allen Clark Construction want to help you at every leg of your construction project.

We can assist with everything; from the planning of the project, to an estimate of the costs involved.

We can bring our perspective into the design process and help to supply you with the drawings needed for your plans. We can assist with planning applications and all the specifications and costings that will occur with the job.

We will help you to obtain planning permission and once you have got it, can move onto the next stage – which is to get the approval for building regulations.

Rest assured that at every turn, our team will make all the necessary applications for permits and other paperwork needed to undertake the project.

On board, we have architects as well as construction experts – so all aspects of the project can really be undertaken in house.

Our team consists of architects, electricians, plumbers, roofers, carpenters, as well as construction workers.

And there are more besides, who can bring their expertise to your project.

Often, a construction firm only do the build. But we really do more and go the extra mile to get your build completed – from plans to finished product.

As well as being involved at the planning stage and able to produce mock up designs at the touch of a button, we can also project manage the whole job.

When you hire Allen Clark Construction you have complete peace of mind, because we will do the whole thing and that includes the overseeing.

And of course, you never have to worry about being left with a mess at the end of the project. We take care of the big cleanup at the end of every job. That means leaving the building as clean and serene as you could ever hope to find it.

Rest assured, we always clear up after ourselves and more than that, for allergy sufferers, we can give our pledge that we do our utmost to make our new builds and remodels as allergen free as possible.

Our team are well versed in low impact living and eco friendliness. This also extends to making homes safe for asthmatics and for the sufferers of other respiratory diseases.

When we give you a quote for a project, it is true it might not be the cheapest you will receive – but it is the most honest quote you will get.

We always stay within budget and we always deliver the project you asked for, within the agreed timeframe.

And it goes without saying that the job we do will be the best you can get – bar none!